Cream of Wheat or Paella?

Whenever I do a website or landing page review, one of my first questions is, “Who’s your audience?” It seems straightforward but it can be a toughie. Because you don’t want to leave anyone out. Right? Nope.

It seems counterintuitive, but when you write your page, ad or email to ONE person, it will perform better.

When you write to your ONE – your ideal customer – your copy is more specific, compelling, personal.

If you write to everyone, you write to no one.

Writing to everyone is like sending out an invite for a Cream of Wheat dinner party. (Once we’re back to dinner parties.) The RSVPs aren’t going to roll in. (Unless you say you also have a litter of puppies. Everyone will show up for puppies.)

On the other hand, if you send out invites for “Sushi Sunday” or “Paella Party,” paella- and sushi-loving friends (aka your ideal customers) will RSVP pronto.

What about the others? They aren’t your ideal customers. Pay attention to your paella- and sushi-lovers.

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