Record scratches for comic effect are brilliant. (They’re up there with Liz Lemon’s “What the what?”)

They’re not at all funny when it comes to connecting your customers with your product or service.

Say you get an enticing email. You think, “Finally! I can get [problem] out of my hair.” Maybe you’re hesitant but still intrigued. You click on “Learn more.”

You land on a shopping or sign-me-up-for-a-quote page. [Record scratch] Where am I?

If you use a landing page (my choice) or not, make your customers’ landing an expected one. If you promise, “learn more about our pet insurance plans,” don’t send me to your sign-up-for-a-quote page. (Even if that’s really, really what you want me to do.)

Conversely, if you promise, “get a quote,” don’t send me to a page that tells me how pet insurance can save me thousands of dollars.

The next time you get an intriguing email offer, follow the call-to-action. Does it lead where you expected? Can you do that when you get there (learn more, sign up, shop)? You’ll learn. Even from the record scratches.

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