Hamilton. Stick with me.

Heard about enough about the show? It’s hard to miss. Did you know that there are copywriting lessons in there? I’m not kidding.

Catchy music. Try to keep your feet still during the first song, “My Shot.” Even if you give musicals a hard eye-roll, that song draws you in – “I’m going to give this a chance.”

Your header needs to get your readers’ minds tapping, so to speak. Draw them in. Make them think, “I’m listening…”

Great story, compelling told. Once the music catches your attention, you’d drop that musical like hot lava if it launched into a 1980s-era textbook explanation of Revolutionary America.

Your header faces a similar fate unless you follow it with a compelling story.

Audience’s language. Hamilton uses conversational, colloquial language. The language of the listener.

Are you talking to actuaries who speak business? Don’t talk to them the way you would graphic designers. And vice versa.

There are great copywriting lessons in other forms of entertainment.

What have you learned about copywriting and marketing from other shows or music?

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