End-of-year fundraising email

The goal was to drive end-of-year gifts from current donors. It highlights a service that many donors are less aware of.

Sales Sequence (email 1, email 2 & email 3)

The goal of this sequence was to sell meal kits. After signing up to watch a video, or receiving an invite from a consultant (sales):

  1. Customer/target receives an offer for a “free dinner” – the ingredients necessary to make a quick, home-cooked dinner. (A non-threatening way to try the meal-kit concept.)
  2. After the customer/target orders the free dinner, they’re offered $10 off a large meal kit. To receive it, they need to tell someone else about the “free dinner,” and that person needs to order one.
  3. After the customer/target receives the $10 off reward, reminders to use the $10-off reward before it expires.

Facebook posts

These posts were developed for consultants (sales) to use on their personal business pages. They made it easy for consultants to promote the new season’s products. This made it more likely that they would promote products. It also ensured that the posts were on brand.

Patient story

Developed to highlight excellent patient outcome and surgeon’s expertise. Originally posted on the intranet to instill pride in employees. Later posted on the public website to promote the children’s hospital.