Seize the customer?

Seize the day is inspirational and motivational. Seize the customer is creepy.

Bear with me.

The other day I was reviewing a dog trainer’s website. I found a fantastic “seize the customer” opportunity in the form of “Coming soon.”

Among the list of trainings: dog agility. Next to it: “Coming soon!”

Adding a simple, “Sign up for the waiting list” would give the trainer a list of hot leads before the training opens. People who have already raised their hands, “Me! Me!”

The sign-up-in-the-moment option is equally beneficial for customers. They can jump on an opportunity when they see it. (Ever pre-order a book?)

How can you use your website to seize your customers (not in a creepy way)? What do they want? When do they want it? Can you provide it even if it doesn’t monetarily serve you at the moment?

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