Not their profession, but the reason they’re looking for you (or someone like you)? When you know and use that – their “job to be done*” – your marketing will be 100% more powerful. 

Let’s pretend

Pretend you sell dog toys. They keep dogs busy and they’re eco-friendly. They come in fun shapes, eye-popping colors and you offer free shipping. In your marketing copy, you focus on the shapes, colors and free shipping. 

Now pretend you’re your ideal customer. You’re getting used to working from home. So is your dog. 

You’re in back-to-back calls. Every 2 p.m. your dog whines and barks. Time for a walk. It’s understandable, embarrassing and a little annoying. You’re looking for toys that will keep your dog busy while you’re on calls. And they need to be eco-friendly.

Back to you the dog-toy seller. Your product meets your ideal customer’s exact specifications. But you don’t connect. What you’re marketing and your ideal customer’s job is – keeping their dog busy – are two different things. 

What’s their job? How to find out

What if you don’t know what your ideal customer’s job is? 

Reach out to your best customers and ask them questions like:

  • What challenges did you have before you bought the toy?
  • How did those that impact you? 
  • Now that you have the toy, what’s different? 

Their answers will uncover their job. They’ll also help you create copy that speaks directly to them.


*If this post piqued your interest in jobs to be done, pick up Alan Klement’s “When Coffee and Kale Compete.” It’s an insightful, fun read. 

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