Does your Landing Page Bite?

Does it grab your customers? Or make them run away?

Dog lovers are bombarded.

Try our products! Fresh! New! Improved! Safer! Healthier!  

No one is talking to them. Lots of people are talking at them. (Like the person who corners you at a party and prattles on about how successful they are.) 

Your landing page has a big job.

If your landing page helped you move, it’s would carry boxes of books.

Your landing page needs to motivate page visitors (aka dog lovers) to move further down the sales journey. 

Great landing page copy gets your customers to accomplish your goal – give you their email address, forward to a friend, start shopping with a discount code – and 100s of other scenarios.

How does this magic copy happen? Copy that makes your customers think, “This is exactly what I need,” “They get me,” or “This is going to get it out of my hair? 


Reading minds? Isn’t that creepy?

Your customers have pains, challenges and worries. I dig in (mindread), then write copy that shows how you can guide them to a better future. A future where those pains, challenges and worries are out of their hair.

Hi! I'm Maria

Maria Thompson (& Pele)  •  Owner  & Copywriter  •  Copy Dog LLC  •  

Happy clients are saying

I own a membership site. Our events happen monthly, require RSVPs and our sequences are pretty complex. Maria developed a high-converting sequence that runs automatically every month. 

After implementing her email sequences I had the highest number of qualified, registered guests to my monthly networking events. She’s an incredible strategic thinker. Her new and innovative marketing ideas have really helped us grow. 

Shelly Yorgesen
Founder, The Veranda
Idaho Falls, ID

Keeping our content fresh has always been a challenge. Maria helps us develop messages from our audiences’ perspective. She’s an extension of our marketing team.

Danielle Andersen
Marketing Manager, Knute Nelson
Alexandria, MN