What if your website grabbed your targets’ attention?

Your targets want to solve their problems.

They want someone to make their lives easier, better, happier. 

Show them you can do that … and they’ll pay attention. 

I’ll help you reach the right people with messages that lead to:
“This is exactly what I need.” “Where has this been all my life?” and “This is going to make my life easier.”

What makes your targets want to listen to your offer? 

Do you spin a wheel? Play pin-the-tail on the message? (OK, that’s just silly.) Guess? Nope. What it does take:

What makes your targets tick? What do they want or need that you offer better than anyone else?

What are your competitors doing? Where are they missing the boat? Where are your opportunities?

Insight + spywork = the foundation for killer copy

Copy that hooks your prospects, hits them in the emotion, and makes them want to sign up, download and buy. 

I’m Maria Thompson. I’ll create copy that: 

  • hits your readers in the emotion – where they make their decisions
  • separates you from your competition
  • gets you more sales, sign-ups and downloads

What my clients say

I own a membership site. Our events happen monthly, require RSVPs and our sequences are pretty complex.

She grabbed all of my crazy mess of emails and developed a beautiful charted high-converting sequence that runs automatically every month.

After implementing Maria’s email sequences I have had the highest amount of qualified, registered guests to my monthly networking events.

Maria is is an incredible strategic thinker. She is always on my team to help me grow my business with new and innovative marketing ideas that have really helped us grow!

Shelly Yorgesen
Founder, The Veranda
Maria works hard to understand your work and business makes reasonable suggestions and presents actionable steps to help you move forward.

She is always going the extra mile in her work – adding in more content, doing more research, developing a system that works more effectively based on your goals.

She gave me a detailed spreadsheet for a social media plan, she helped me identify important social media channels and suggested a plan for building consistencies in my posts based on what would bring the best results.

I appreciate her help, encouragement and knowledge. I am less stressed and anxious about my main communication piece – my newsletter – because I know once I send an outline of ideas and a small amount of content, Maria will make it into something wonderful – that reflects my work, my philosophy and my brand!

Jessie Sandoval
Founder, J.S. Wellness LLC