Win the battle of the inbox

Get more sales, sign ups & downloads from your email campaigns

Your customers want to solve their problems.

They don’t care about your emails. Unless they can persuade them that you will help them become a better version of themselves, make their lives easier, better or happier.

I’ll help you reach the right people with messages that lead to reactions like, “This is exactly what I need.” “Where has this been all my life?” and “This is going to make my life easier.” Email campaigns that drive: sales, sign ups & downloads.

But how?

What makes your customers tick? Why do they buy from you? What do they really want that you offer (better than anyone else)?

Spyglasses and trench coats aren’t required. Serious sleuthing is.

I’ll look at your competitors and find out what they’re doing and where you’re opportunities are. 

Insight + spywork > > > > great copy
Content that hooks your prospects, hits them in the emotion, and makes them do what you want them to do – buy, download, refer, donate.

  • hits your readers in the emotion
  • separates you from your competition
  • gets you more sales, sign-ups and downloads?