Connect with more of your ideal clients

With a website as engaging and effective as you are

Your prospective clients want to do more than look like they have it together. They want to feel like it, too. 

You can help.

I’ll help you show them how with ALPHA—a framework that moves your website visitors from “Hmm…” to “Tell me more!”

ALPHA Framework


How your clients and students describe your impact grabs prospects like them. 


How do your competitors — or those your prospects see as your competitors — position themselves? This emphasizes the qualities that make you unique. 


I turn research into usable info. (Think of turning a pile of miscellaneous Lego into piles of like pieces and some little houses.) I find the most impactful, powerful, and often mentioned into — that is, what will make your prospects take notice. This is the foundation of your new website copy.


Combine parsed data and my writing expertise and you get website copy that shows your prospects that they it’s possible to have it together (and not just look that way). And, you’re the one who will get them there. 


After your copy is complete, we walk through the content together. It’s an opportunity to ask questions and tweak anything that needs revising. 

Best-in-Show Web Copy

“I need help putting my priorities in order.” “My life is all out of whack.” “I need something different. Are you it?”

Get website copy that answers those question for your prospects before they ask, that shows you can help them past the overwhelm and into a brighter future. 

Best-in-Show web copy includes: 

  • Voice-of-customer insight that details what sets you apart from other coaches. (It comes straight from the minds and mouths of your clients.) 
  • Competitor intel that shows your future clients’ context.  What tools, gurus, apps, etc., they may have tried. What they were promised, or led to believe. Where they’ve been before they found you.
  • Website copy for five key pages that shows that you can help prospects tackle their challenges and move into the lives they crave. 

Website Wash & Groom Audit

This is for you when you know your site needs something but aren’t sure how or where to start.

Or maybe you’re about to launch a course, program or podcast that will drive more people to your site. Before those visitors arrive, you want your site groomed and ready. 

You’ll get: 

  • An in-depth video review of four pages (along with a transcript).
  • Overall recommendations for each page on where and how to strengthen your messaging to engage site visitors.
  • Several rewrite options for key copy like headlines, calls-to-action, and some body copy. 

All this happens in seven days. There’s very little work on your part. (You’ll get a quick survey to fill out before I start the audit, then I’m off and out of your hair.)

Stop-Chasing-Your-Tail Strategy Session

Are you stuck on what to do or where to go next? Stymied by all the things you’re “supposed” to do or think you need to? Tired of hitting the same speed bump (aka question or challenge)? 

Get clear and start moving forward. We’ll spend a focused hour talking through and tackling your challenge. You’ll get clarity, have less stress and be inspired to take action. 

After our session you’ll receive:

  • Recommendations on how to move forward
  • An outline of your primary challenges
  • A summary of the issue and our discussion
  • A recording of our call 

What you can expect from me

When we work together:

  • I’ll make things easy for you. I won’t drag you into the minutiae. You hired me to write fabulous copy and get your project out of your hair.
  • You’ll get weekly project updates. If you like to wonder, “What’s happening?” “When am I going to get that stuff?” you’re out of luck.
  • We’ll have fun. We’re working together to get past your challenges. That’s happy-making. No slogging allowed.
  • I will ask about your pets and request to see photos.