Unleash your website's potential.

Web copy that makes your offer irresistible for prospective clients, students & members.

When you meet a prospect, they’re likely to become a client, student or member. Sound like you?

Sooo… just get on more Zoom calls, or get more prospects to take your free course. Easy peasy! 

If it was that easy, you probably wouldn’t be here. 😁

What if the right prospects could meet you on your website? The multi-faceted, full-of-personality person they meet on Zoom, in your webinars, and in your courses. 

What if your website made your unique offers so clear and compelling that the right prospects would jump at the opportunity to work with you?

Hi! I'm Maria Thompson

I help coaches like you put their websites to work connecting, engaging, and moving prospects down the path toward becoming clients, members and students. 

I have years of copywriting and marketing communications experience in industries from human resources consulting to higher education and health care. 

I’ll help you transform your website into a tool that helps you get your dream clients, students and members. 

Fun Facts

Productivity. I bought my first planner as soon as I knew they were a thing. I geek out on all things productivity and time management. (And it greatly improves my life.) 

Sports. I’m ambivalent about sports except for one month, every two years when the German national soccer team plays in the UEFA European Championship or the FIFA World Cup (don’t get at me with, “if they qualify”). I rearrange my schedule, bite my nails, and lose my ever-loving mind. 

German. I think it sounds lovely. I know that puts me in the minority. 


  • Justice and equality for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.
  • Equality for LGTBQ people. 
  • Reduce the stigma of mental illness.
  • Respect for and adherence to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.